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Skyrim Collectors Edition announced

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While we were living it up this weekend with copious amounts of beer, Bethesda’s PR company was hard at work announcing a special Collectors Edition for the massively anticipated Skyrim.

We haven’t been given local pricing yet but you’re going to want to prepare yourself for misery as it’s currently priced at 130 Pounds over in the UK which works out to around R1500… for a game. So what do you get for that?


The obvious inclusion here is that amazing Alduin (dragon) statue that stands a solid 12” tall and is made of high quality PVC.

Next we have the official “the Art of Skyrim” art book which features a foreword by Todd Howard, the games director, along with over 200 pages of full colour illustrations, models, sketches and everything else that makes up the world of Skyrim. What’s better is that it’s also quite large coming in at just over 12 inches by 9 inches (30cm x 22cm) and won’t look out of place on your coffee table.

There is also a making of Skyrim DVD with exclusive behind the scenes footage along with interviews and insider insight.

But the question is whether or not that’s worth R1500 to you?

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: August 8, 2011

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