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Skyrim Premium Edition has no DLC

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Usually, when a game gets a “Game of the Year” version (whether it deserves it or not) it comes at a cheaper price, bundled with all of the DLC for the game to date. That won’t be happening with the Skyrim Premium Edition that Bethesda’s confirmed will be headed to Euro territories.

Instead, it seems to be a full priced retail release, bundled with superfluous fluff.


That bonus content includes : 

  • An official t-shirt with the logo of the Empire
  • A copy of official novel “The Infernal City”, and
  • Six concept art postcards.

The PC edition comes with a 600 page eBook, soundtrack disc and some extra junk like trailers. None of the versions will come with any of the DLC – probably because Bethesda still hasn’t got any of it working on the PS3 yet, and they’re aware of the rage they’d be on the receiving end of if they shipped disparate versions of the game. Again.

Instead, they’re now facing a tumult of rage because of the complete lack of DLC included. Lesser of two evils, I guess. Right now it’s only confirmed for UK, Germany and Benelux – but could hit other Euro territories soon, and will be available just in time for Christmas.

At full price and without any DLC, as far as I’m concerned this is little more than a cash-in. The lack of included DLC in re-releases is a worrying trend. The recently revealed Mass Effect Trilogy collection will also hold back the extras, making you pay more to make your games whole.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was released using the same master as the original – without any of the rather necessary patches.

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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