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Slap on the Wrist: Dr Disrespect is officially reinstated on Twitch

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After some super questionable behaviour and a swift response from the streaming platform, it seems Dr Disrespect got off pretty light in the end.


Hey, remember when that kid at school the teacher loved stormed into the bathroom, pulled down everyone’s pants and then took a video of the whole thing? Dude, that kid sucked. Like, after all that he just gave the teacher some puppy dog eyes and got away with Friday detention which he left early because of sports or something. Look, it’s an analogy, but it’s also totally possible to see Dr Disrespect fitting into that scenario considering that after his ridiculously foolish behaviour and borderline illegal activities at E3 he’s back on Twitch without a problem.


Guy Beahm IV, or Dr Disrespect as he’s known on Twitch, got into a boatload of trouble when he barged into a public toilet at E3 and livestreamed people going about their business, including a minor who was present. People were very unhappy with his negligent and brash behaviour, resulting in Twitch swiftly banning his channel until further notice. “Justice!” many cried.


Turns out, that ban was only for two weeks. Last night, Dr Disrespect’s channel was unbanned and saw a massive influx of subscribers and followers praising his return to the platform. The Doc has yet to stream again, not acknowledging when that will happen, but has Tweeted that he’s aware of his channel’s reactivation.


What initially seemed like dutiful punishment on behalf of Twitch has seemingly turned out to be just a minor slap of the wrist. A two-week ban will have cost Beahm almost nothing and the influx of subscribers earned upon the reinstatement of the channel will no doubt have made up for whatever revenue losses he may have accumulated.

Last Updated: June 26, 2019

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