Slavery : The Game is hopefully not a real thing

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Last week, a rather legitimate looking website popped up for a a management game called Slavery – about disciplining and exploiting slaves to become “the world’s most powerful slave trader.” The game, according to its page and accompanying trailer is headed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and the page is littered with the respective platform holders’ insignia, something I suspect Microsoft and Sony won’t be too keen on, given the controversial subject matter.

It also says it’s been rated “Adults Only,” by the ESRB – which would make it the first and only game for current gen consoles to achieve that certification…save for the fact that no such game exists according to the ratings board. It all goes nowhere; the games makers, Javelin Red Gaming doesn’t seem to exist, and the telephone number on the site, based in Kentucky – a US state built on slave labour – redirects to voicemail. What on earth could it be? An ill conceived internet troll attempt? A way to build up hype for some other game or cause? Either way – I’m glad it’s not a real game. Probably.


Source : Slavery The Game

Last Updated: September 5, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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