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Sledgehammer aren’t fans of toxic gamers

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One thing the Call of Duty series is infamous for is its rude community. The stereotype is that it’s filled with 12-year-olds who have apparently slept with everyone’s mothers, including yours! This is not the case, at least according to Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games – the team responsible for the rather good Advanced Warfare.

Condrey reckons the community is actually quite nice (Joystiq via BBC Newsbeat)

“I certainly wouldn’t characterise the community of fans I know and had the pleasure to engage with as toxic or misogynistic. The community as a whole is very healthy, engaged and thoughtful and probably like anything anywhere well outside of gaming.”

The problem is, as nice as the community may well be, there is that minority who drag it down to the level of rudeness that people associate it with. The same could be said for Dota 2 for example. I have met many awesome randoms online, yet I can barely defend the community because I have had my fair share of trash players. Condrey knows that minority exists. Sledgehammer will not tolerate it though.

“In the fringes of a lot of areas of society there are examples of people behaving poorly. Come to the game to have fun, come to be social, come to enjoy and build a community and have a positive energy. Toxic behaviours, abusive language, inappropriate emblems, I don’t want that around. So for our community, Sledgehammer Games and Advanced Warfare we have pretty low tolerance for toxic behaviour.”

I’m not too sure what sort of banning policies or systems Advanced Warfare has in place to deal with that minority. No matter, I don’t think that negative stereotype will ever go away unfortunately.

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Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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