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Sleeping Dogs gets some waking dead

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Like just about everything else, open-world interactive Hong-Kong action-film Sleeping dogs will be getting a dose of the undead, zombies, with its first story-based DLC.

Featuring all manner of Asian zombie,vampire and mythological demon, the DLC, Nightmare in North point probably seems like it’s jumping the shark – but there’s a wealth of this sort of nonsense, including MAGICAL KUNG FU in Chinese mythology and Hong Kong Cinema – so it’s not as “far out” as you might think.

Red Dead Redemption managed to add zombies to a game where it seemingly didn’t fit with its pretty excellent Undead Nightmare DLC. United Front hopes to do the same.

"With the DLC, we feel we can explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema," United Front games said to a panel at the New York comic Con this weekend. The DLC will be released just in time for Halloween.

On October 30, you’ll be able to use MAGICAL KUNG FU to kick the dribbly snot out of zombies. Here’s some footage, snuck out of the New York Comic Con. No price point has been announced.

Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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