Sly Cooper 4 teaser trailer discovered

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As resident “HD Re-Release Guy” I feel it my duty to point this out: a trophy whore* dedicated gamer has just slinked his way through all three of the Sly Cooper games in the recently released, hi-def Sly Collection. He also ensured that he picked up every trophy for the games, thus netting himself one of those coveted Platinum trophies.

After doing this, however, he noticed a new option in the game’s main menu. Hitting it started a teaser trailer for Sly Cooper 4. The trailer is short and punctuated with a big fat question mark at the end. Full trailer (with bonus, audible “woot!”) after the jump.

*I can totally call him this because I am one as well.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 15, 2010

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