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Smash everything in Dangerous golf

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Golf is easily the dullest spectator sport on the planet. I’d sooner watch 11 straight hours of curling than watch two hours of Golf – because the weird satisfaction and determination you see on people’s face as they competitively sweep is a delight on its own. Watching people take a leisurely walk on same finely manicured grass? No thank you.

Why then, am I so mesmerised by Dangerous Golf? It’s probably because it has very, very little to do with the sport, other than the use of those incredibly aerodynamic, dimpled balls. It’s more like Burnout’s Aftertouch, replacing cars with balls.

That unmistakable Burnout DNA makes sense when you consider that developer Three Fields is made up for former Criterion heads – including creative director Alex Ward. And in Dangerous Golf, they’re making something that’s both clever and silly, taking the world’s dullest sport and giving it an irreverent jolt of life.

“We’ve been creating gameplay that’s never been done before, guided by our own sense of stupidity,” says Alex Ward, creative director at Dangerous Golf developer Three Fields. “Until you’ve smashed up some toilets and jumped a golf ball out of a mop bucket, I guess you haven’t lived.”

Like me, Ward isn’t a fan of the sport. “I think golf’s boring, golfers are boring, and golf games made for golfers are boring,” he notes – adding that he does enjoy a bit of mini golf, which is decidedly sillier stuff.

Dangerous Golf is coming next month as a downloadable title on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. I can’t wait to break stuff.

Last Updated: May 4, 2016

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