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Sneak about or go in guns blazing with top-down shooter Filthy Lucre

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Hotline Miami 1 and 2 are easily two of my favourite top-down shooters in recent years. Both are filled to the brim with gangsters, violence, and more shooting than all Die Hard movies combined! I could really do with a third title in the franchise, but who knows if or when that’ll happen?

In the meantime, I can look forward to getting my hands on Filthy Lucre (via Game Informer) . It’s an upcoming PlayStation 4 top-down shooter that reminds me a lot of Hotline Miami, except that it has modern visuals in favour of that retro look.

It’s also contains British accents. CHEERS LOVES, THE CAVALRY’S IS HERE! Wait, wrong game. Anyways, take a look at the trailer, and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

Action and stealth meet in the murky underworld of Filthy Lucre, where you will infiltrate Britain’s criminal network to help your rotten boss take out an equally rotten rival gang’s operation. We are bringing the unique flavour of Brit gangster flicks to games, with all the slick suits, sly humour and sore heads you would expect.

As you can see, Filthy Lucre isn’t all about running and gunning. It also caters for those who like to sneak, will make a nice alternate to the traditional KILL ALL THE THINGS IN SIGHT approach that games of this nature tend to follow.

Personally, I like a combination of both play styles. Whenever I played Metal Gear Solid V for example, I snuck about until I was spotted (accidentally of course), at which point, I became a one man army. I’m pretty sure I’ll do the same in Filthy Lucre.

What about you? Are you the sneaky type, or do you prefer all out offense? Also, will you be picking up Filthy Lucre when it arrives sometime in the next few months? I quite like the look of it, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for my news regarding this new top-down title over the coming weeks.

Last Updated: June 6, 2016

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