Sniper Elite 3 details its multiplayer,co-op and customisation

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Video games sometimes get unfairly painted as tutorials for how to commit all kinds of murder in the real world. And sometimes, that’s true. Because hands down, no other game on the market makes murder simulation as brutally satisfying as the Sniper Elite games. A sequel is on the way, this time taking place in Effrika. And beyond the single-player portion, the game sounds like it has a solid online mode as well.

“This time we’re releasing with multiplayer straight from the box, there’s no add-on or something that you’ve got to buy later. All this stuff is available now. Having a multiplayer community that can form from day one is so important,” Rebellion head Chris Payton said.

One big problem with games in the sniper sub-genre, is that the multiplayer is usually beyond boring. The last such notable game in this category, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, is pretty much an exercise in camping. But expect to be on the move in Sniper Elite 3.

SniperElite3 (3)

“We’ve made a couple of revisions there, to improve the experience,” Lead Designer Michael How said in the developer diary about the multiplayer mode.

So rather than camping the whole time, we’ve actually got a calculated distribution of ammo throughout the environment so as you’re starting to run low on ammo that will force you to move on.

If you’re looking for a bit of a bonus to your standard kills, you can actually relocate and trigger a multiplier for the next kills that you make.

Co-op will also be present in Sniper Elite 3, with the game actually being tailored to take advantage of a two-man team scoping out the landscape. “Co-op is a pretty major part of the Sniper experience and we allow every single mission to be taken on with a friend. Some of the units are actually better taken down with a friend,” How explained.

A lot of the tanks have their weak spots at the back and what that means is that you’ll have to get one of your friends to behave as bait while the other one is flanking from the back of the tank to try and shoot that weak spot.

We’ve got such a versatile suite of units to throw at the player so they’ll be taking on tanks as well as snipers in addition to the standard infantry which are going to be coming in a horde-like fashion towards the player location.

We’ve got some bespoke AI which actually governs their behaviour as they’re filtering into the player location and hunting them down.

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Sniper Elite 3 will also allow you to customise your weapons, for both online and offline play. But there’s a catch to this, that could potentially hinder your progress if you get caught. “You can take those weapon customisations into the single-player or the multiplayer experience,” How said.

If you’ve customised a sweet rifle in the single-player campaign and you want to use that in multiplayer, you’re more than welcome to. But you need to be careful, because if you’re killed and drop that rifle, the enemy will be able to go in and pick that up off your body and use it for the remainder of that round.

But all the XP that you accrue in multiplayer can be used to get access to all the wicked weapons, traps and items in single-player as well.

The game is out on June 27. I’m going to go practice for it by stalking Geoff with a stick.

Last Updated: April 11, 2014

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