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So did you buy Duke Nukem? What do you think?

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The big news from last week is that Duke Nukem Forever was finally released in most parts of the world with America only getting their hands on it tomorrow.

So did you grab a copy on launch and have been playing it all weekend long or are you waiting to see what people say?

I myself don’t have a copy yet and am not sure when it will arrive but I did get some hands on at the launch on Friday. I got to play the first few levels without sound which made it much harder to really get into the game but I did notice quite a few issues right from the start.

Pretty much all of them would be expected from a game released 15 years ago and it certainly feels like Gearbox has kept the core of Duke Nukem alive but at the same time it feels like they have missed the boat entirely on bringing the game into 2011.

Stupid little things like Duke not being able to push a button for example, you stand in front of the lift and hit X to push the button and Duke lifts his arm and jabs his thumb into the wall, miles above the button, and then the light comes on and the lift heads your way.

This minor issue is repeated everywhere you need to interact with the environment which is a big problem since you can increase your ego/health by interacting with the environment so you do it quite often.

I saw a bunch of donuts and coffee on a table at one point and headed over to grab a bite to eat. I hit X to eat and Duke’s arm swings out and over the donuts and coffee and then ups my health even though he didn’t touch the donut or coffee as far as I could see.

And then the loading screens… man oh man the graphics aren’t anything special so why it takes so long to load anything is totally beyond me.

So all in all I wasn’t impressed at all but then something weird happened over the weekend, I just wanted to get back to playing Duke, yes the game doesn’t appear to be very good at the moment but the end of stage massive boss battles are awesome and the old school gameplay really does remind me of a time when life was easier (for me) and gaming was pure fun.

This isn’t a review or a recommendation, I haven’t played enough to say that really but what I can say is that if you really really wanted to play the original Duke again then your time has come however for most people I think this is going to be a massive disappointment.

Last Updated: June 13, 2011

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