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So who's going big at E3 this year?

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E3 Floor Plan

Geekpulp has put up the latest E3 floor plan which is a nice way to see who is going to be making the major announcements this year.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all clustered together with MTV making a suprising entrance as well.. I wonder what is up their sleeve?

Sony and Nintendo have taken the front row with Microsoft behind them which makes me feel like Microsoft are not going to be making any groundbreaking news this year, however I am suprised to see Sega up front.. what is their big seller this year?

Also Sony has taken out a second stand for Sony Online which may mean we are going to see some major online announcements coming from them as well?

Disney are also going suprisingly big and I honestly think we are going to see the biggest announcements from them this year since they have been largely absent in the next gen console war so far.

It warms my heart to see Ubisoft upfront as well as they are one of my favourite developers and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Atari stand is going to be having a lot of Alone in the Dark going on..

So does anyone else have any predictions from this floorplan? Who is missing?


Last Updated: May 20, 2008

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