So who’s going to win this event tomorrow?

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There’s a test match tomorrow, so in true South African style we need to put our predictions forward and place non-binding bets on who is going to walk away with the knowledge that they represented the better eSporting country.

Our very own PandaTank is taking on Romania’s NightEnD and before you make your call let’s take a look at some facts.

First up the Starcraft facts…


Total Games – 8868

1v1 Grand Master – 4 times

Team Master – 3 times

Race – Protoss


Total Games – 7433

1v1 Grand Master – 8 times

Team Master – 1 time

Race – Protoss

So in a straight head to head it looks like NightEnD has the advantage with more grand master achievements in less games. But PandaTank has the home advantage and hasn’t had to fly half way across the planet with only 1 day to acclimatise.

But there’s more at stake here, this is a test match so it’s country vs country. So let’s check out the more important stats.

  Romania South Africa
Population 21.4 Million 50.6 Million
GDP $179 Billion $408 Billion
Size of Country 238 391 km2 1 221 037 km2
Annual Beer Drinking 100 litres per capita 59.2 litres per capita
Most Famous For Dracula Apartheid / Nelson Mandela
Catrinel Menghia
Candice Swanepoel

So we’re bigger, richer and there are more of us… but I’m devestated to report they drink more than us.. you people are letting our team down. Trust me I’m way over the average amount so I’m pulling my weight here.

Also we’re both known for bad and good and when it comes to sexiest I think we both have a pretty solid claim.

But in the end South Africa wins because I’m totally biased and this is my article..

Come on Panda, don’t let us down. Also how awkward did it feel having that picture taken?

Last Updated: March 15, 2013

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