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Kitty Powers

Love is a fickle, complicated thing. I dabbled with the strange force in my younger days, only to be met with gruelling disappointment each and every single time. How does it work? Why do people spend so much time pursuing it? I need answers dammit, and by Aphrodite, I will find them! Good thing there’s a new Dating Sim on the market…

Kitty Powers knows what’s up, and shares her knowledge in her very own game. It’s called Kitty Power’s Matchmaker.It’s now available on Steam, and for a limited time only, will be 25% off.

Why should you cough up that $7.49 though you ask? This official blurb and video will undoubtedly erase any doubts you may have (via Destructoid):

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a hilarious dating simulator with a difference. Manage your own matchmaking agency with the guidance of your fabulous boss, drag queen diva Kitty Powers! Match an endless parade of desperate clients with candidates from Kitty’s little black book and guide them through awkward conversations and dozens of perilous dating dilemmas.


As your reputation grows you’ll unlock new date venues, more demanding clientele and upgrades for your agency. Send your hopefuls out with the right look and perfect gift to maximise their chance of finding love. Are you ready to bring romance to the world? Or will you leave a sea of broken hearts in your wake?

I was ready to brush this under the carpet along with all other dating sims, at least, until I read the positive feedback on Steam. At time of writing, there is not a single negative comment – all 16 posts recommend the game. This is my favourite by far:

Written by The Royal Seal – 12.7 hours on record

In this game my date wet herself with boredom. I on the other had was consistently urinating with excitement like all good semi-aquatic marine mammals do when confronted with such top quality dating gameplay.

I… can’t argue with such positive words. Royal Seal has me convinced! In all honesty though, as far as dating games go, apparently Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is quite good. I’m almost tempted to give it a go. Almost. [Ed’s note: Guess what yoooooouuuuu’rrrreeeeeeeee reviewing?]

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Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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