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Somebody just paid $128 000 for a PS4

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There can only be one first in life. Your first kiss. The first man on the moon. The first horrid morning after a night that involved you eating an entire plate of el Diablo hotwings without any knowledge of the fire below that was to come. And of course, the very first PlayStation 4. Sony’s latest flagship console may have sold millions, but to one collector, having the very first anniversary console off of the production line was worth far more than the standard retail price.

Sony recently held a charity auction where they sold the first Anniversary PS4 console, the number one unit out of 12 300 produced and scalped. After 1585 bids, there was a winner, who got the console for the price of 15,135,000 Yen. In other currencies, that’s $128 086 or over R1.46 million. To put that into proper gaming terms, here’s what you could buy with that kind of money:

  • 236 regular PlayStation 4 consoles
  • 1629 PlayStation 4 controllers
  • 257 Xbox One consoles without Kinect
  • 2533 Xbox One controllers
  • 2614 Hatsune Miku hugging pillows (I’m lonely dammit)
  • Quite a few KFC Double Down Dogs
  • One trip to the ER to have your stomach pumped after eating the KFC Double Down Dog

Still, the proceeds are going to the charity Save The Children Japan, while Sony will also chip in some cash by mirroring the final bid. So everyone wins. I don’t know if I could ever spend that amount of cash on a console, no matter how fancy it is. Because I’m most likely the kind of guy to spend that kind of cash on something even more outrageous, like replica War Machine armour or life insurance.

Last Updated: January 27, 2015

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