Someone dissed Halo 3 – Get your pitchforks ready

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A site developer over at calling himself Beefcake (seriously?) has written an article saying that Halo 3 is just not that good…

It’s not like he is complaining about the graphics, or the bugs or anything  like that. He is actually complaining about the game play… I think we need to organise a torture party to go and have a chat with him 🙂

Seriously though I am not the biggest Halo fan around but I find the game very enjoyable when it is not lagging and I could happily play online for hours on end.

The gameplay is the best part of this game and I don’t think his comments are accurate, he is complaining about the speed of the game, and the ability to control the chief with the controller.

I guess everyone is allowed their own opinion though… even if it’s wrong..

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Last Updated: May 24, 2007

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