Sonic: Lost World is coming to PC, so that PC gamers can experience heartbreak too

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Sonic Lost World wasn’t, in my opinion, a very good game. To those who’ve played just about any Sonic game in recent memory, this should come as little surprise. As far as I’m concerned, SEGA should take the little blue guy out back and put him out of our misery.

What is surprising? The game, once a Wii U sequel, is being ported to PC – allowing PC gamers to suffer the same heartbreak console owners did when playing the game. And it’s not the only one. According to SEGA, PC gamers can expect more ports of SEGA games.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring Sonic Lost World to PC.” Said John Clark, VP of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe; “This is the latest in a string of high quality PC ports of past SEGA titles that we will be building on in the coming months and years.”

The port will come with all of the game’s bundled DLC, and will be sold for a budget price. Those who pre-order the game from participating stores will be gifted a copy of the infinitely superior Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

Says the PR fluff:

Sonic Lost World sees Dr. Eggman harnessing the power of six menacing creatures known as the Deadly Six, but when the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic has to unite with his arch nemesis in order to take on the new enemies head-to-head.  Using his dynamic new parkour moves and improved Colour Powers, Sonic must run, jump and race through a variety of ever changing terrains in order to defeat the Deadly Six.”

Says Geoffrey:

“In many ways, it feels like the game’s designers have thrown just about every idea they could conceive of at the game, in the hope that some of them stuck – but all its resulted in is Sonic: Lost World being a confused hodgepodge of misguided, ill-fitting ideas and mechanics that’s about as fun as running head-first in to a brick wall. There’s a stealth section for god’s sake.

While it’s occasionally inspired, with a handful of nicely designed, fun levels, Lost World is an affront to fun, and Sonic fans deserve better than this. I hope that SEGA really re-examines the guy who used to be their mascot to find out what really made him work – or just retire him for good.”

Last Updated: October 7, 2015

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