Sony Announces Early 2008 Line-Up

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Sony has come out and listed it’s early 2008 Lineup and I have to say it is far from amazing.

A Basketball game, a golf game and Gran Turismo…. The rest are PSN titles.

MLB: The Show 08 (PS3) – Spring 08
Hot Shots Golf 5 (PS3) – March 08
Wipeout HD (PSN) – Early 08
Rat Race (PSN) – Winter 07/08
echochrome (PSN) – Q1 2008
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (PS3/PSN) – Q1 2008
PixelJunk Monsters (PSN) – January 08

While that list is a little sad SterKinekor has forwarded me their major titles for next year and that list looks a lot better.

Q1 = Unreal Tournament, Blacksite, Hellboy, Lost Planet and Grand Theft Auto.

Isn’t that way more appealing than that first list…

PS3 News: Sony Announces Early 2008 Line-Up

//Yes I am ignoring the fact that Sony themselves left GTA and Lost Planet of their list.

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