Well done Sony

It’s not uncommon for large corporates to make mistakes that annoy or exclude certain groups. We often hear about the booth babe issue or that some or other company acted in a way that hurt the feelings of a subsection of the audience.

Normally the company would make an official apology and the world continues to turn. However over the weekend in Australia some news came out about an incident that occurred at the recent EBGames expo that really does deserve some attention.

The story goes that a disabled gamer, in a wheelchair, and 3 friends were at the expo checking out the games and new consoles. Everything was going fine until they arrived at the PlayStation stand with the goal of getting some game time with the PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately Sony never thought about the possibility of people in wheelchairs arriving and had to let the guy and his friends know that unfortunately all the PlayStation 4’s were upstairs and couldn’t be accessed via a wheelchair.

He then offered them a very humble and honest apology

First of all, I’d like to say that Sony deeply apologises as we have made a massive oversight in regards to supporting our disabled player base and we have placed all the PlayStation 4’s upstairs and with no way to get you up there. Again we are extremely sorry, it really should never have happened but because it is totally our fault and we always support our disabled player base

However instead of simply apologising the PlayStation rep went on to say

we would like to offer something in return along with our sincerest apology. Please could you leave you name and contact details with us and we will give you a PlayStation 4 on release day.

Now that’s how you turn a mistake into a fantastic feel good story for your brand.

Obviously now that they had free PlayStation 4’s there was no way they weren’t going to go and try the Xbox One.. but after arriving at the Microsoft stand they were met with

Sorry, it’s upstairs, you can’t try it

You just know Microsoft Australia are kicking themselves today.

Last Updated: October 14, 2013

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