Sony boss upsets Arabic gamers

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With all the trouble currently occurring in the Arabic countries up north you would think corporates would tread gently when discussing issues directly related to these countries. Well Shuhei Yoshida obviously did not get that email and managed to upset a few Arabic gamers.

When asked via twitter if the PlayStation 4 would support Arabic, Yoshida simply answered

This set off a string of upset tweets demanding why not to which Yoshida then responded

In the end it really is just a simple case of people from different languages trying to converse in English. Granted Yoshida’s initial response was maybe a little curt but it was in response to the following tweet which you can’t say was overly friendly to start with

So I think this storm in a teacup can be put to rest now. The PlayStation 4 will not support Arabic on release but it will be available in Arabic-speaking countries.

I also don’t think this is a great surprise as the PlayStation 3 doesn’t currently support Arabic even though a petition with over 45 000 signatures exists requesting it. On the one hand I think the written Arabic language is a beautiful thing that would be a nice addition to the console yet I can understand the complexity of adding a language that doesn’t follow the same rules as most Western or Eastern languages.

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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