Sony Caves In – Changes Ad To Keep Nigeria Happy

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Just yesterday, you may have read that Nigeria was not happy with Sony’s new Playstation 3 advert which poked fun at all of the email money scams that come out of Nigeria.

While I can understand that Sony has to protect their business by keeping as many people as happy as possible but I find this whole situation rather sad. Just recently, a Nigerian actor in the US also called out District 9 for making Nigerians look bad, easily said when you don’t even live there.

Well Nigeria, everyone is making fun of you, everywhere and it’s for a good reason. New advert also posted after the jump.

While I do see it unfair to put all Nigerians in a box, Nigeria has to understand that this is becoming a hot topic because of the sheer amount of spam emails and fraud schemes coming out of their country.

Not only that but many Nigerians have been caught dealing drugs and running brothels, just like members of many other nations and they are usually mocked as well. While again, it isn’t fair to put all of them in a box, it’s fair enough that it gets joked about because of what is actually happening in the world.

All Italians and Russians are apart of the mafia, Americans are fat, Canadians say “ey” a lot and all asians drive badly. They are all generalisations and you cannot seriously sit there and say, “oh, you are making us look bad”. It’s like that for a reason, meaning you have to look into the issues at hand and also learn to take a freaking joke.

It is silly in every way to generalise, but this wasn’t even that, it was a poke at the money scams coming out of Nigeria. It isn’t as if the dude said, “all Nigerians are drug lords” or something.

Everyone needs to ease up a little.

If you want to see what Sony and Nigeria actually had to say, then hit the source link at the bottom of the article. I have also posted up the new advert as well, which has now been changed to keep them happy.

Source: NeoSeeker

Last Updated: September 10, 2009

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