Sony debunks Kaz’s claims of unlockable damage

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Earlier this week the GT5 overlord, Kazunori Yamauchi, announced that the damage in GT5 was a sliding scale that would unlock and be more effective as you progressed through the levels.

The world jumped on this as proof that some global sites like IGN and local sites like GameState were wrong about the damage limitations in their reviews and much hatred and vitriol ensued.

However Sony has now come out to clarify the comments and the clarification appears to a complete denial.

According to Sony

“Damage occurs to cars right from the beginning, it is not unlocked.”

Apparently the confusion surrounds the different damage models depending on which car you have. The standard cars have virtually no damage modelling while the premium cars have greater visible damage.

Then the premium racing cars have visible and physical damage modelling.

So who’s being entirely honest here? The lead developer who wrote the game and setup the modelling or the company that distributes it?

Does it matter?

Source: IGN

Last Updated: December 1, 2010

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