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Sony Defends 3D Glasses – Wants Nintendo to Stop Picking on Them

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Sony has insisted that wearing glasses to view 3D content is a minor quibble – and wants Nintendo to stop harping on about the magical, glasses-free nature of their Nintendo 3DS.

"If you really want a big theatre experience, of course you have to wear glasses," president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said to IGN. "With the latest technology, the glasses are light and you kind of forget you’re wearing them after a while."

At E3 this year Sony, understandably, tried to push 3D, demonstrating the beautiful Killzone 3 in 3D – after handing out glasses to attendees.

Nintendo also pushed 3D with its 3DS, but was regularly pointed out that their ensorcelled handheld’s 3D visuals require but functional eyes- and it’s seemd to have made Sony a little butthurt.

"I have hope that they have a broader perspective with 3D," Yoshida said. "When you listen to what they are saying about the effect of 3D perspective to the games, they are saying the same message we are, but they don’t have to bash some small part of what the other company is doing.

"I think as an industry we should preach this new perspective, from a very large cinema screen to a small portable, because that helps advancing the games and the game industry," he said. "We’d like to work together to promote 3D."

Which pretty much translates to – PLEASE STOP PICKING ON US! Me? I’ll only really be interested in Home TV 3D technology when it’s completely glasses-free, so I think Nintendo can bang on about their enchanted technology as much as they like.

Source : IGN

Last Updated: July 1, 2010

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