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Sony denies drop in PS3 production

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Sony has popped it’s head out this morning to deny the recent reports of it having to slow production of it’s PS3.

After denying it has reduced production in any way it goes on to say

Of course, production is adjusted according to stock levels and requirements of different territories

? So you have dropped production then? Oh well either way maybe Nintendo can get the PS3 factory to help out with manufacturing some more Wii’s since they can’t seem to make enough at the moment.

It’s quite scary to think that Wii’s are still sold out everywhere and the holiday season is now 5 months away. That’s still a long time but with no end in site for the Wii’s popularity could we be seeing another holiday season with huge stock problems?

Link to Sony denies drop in PS3 production – www.mcvuk.com

Last Updated: June 1, 2007

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