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Sony exec claims PSN hack was a great experience

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Some people out there need to start realising that those annoying PR people have quite an important job to do and you really shouldn’t shove both feet down your throat without at least having one of them around to help you try remove them.

Generally it’s the developers who say things that can be misconstrued very easily but this time we have a Sony Executive sitting and claiming that losing 77 million people’s data and having PSN down for weeks was a great experience.

Tim Schaaff, the president of Sony Network Entertainment, was talking to VentureBeat about all things Sony and the subject of the great data loss of 2011 came up. Instead of falling back on some tried and trusted PR canned responses we received this doozy from Tim instead.

I think for people running network businesses, it’s not just about improving your security, because I’ve never talked to a security expert who said, ‘As long you do the following three things you’ll be fine, because hackers won’t get you… the question is how do you build your life so you’re able to cope with those things.

It’s been a great experience

Um, it’s a pretty bad idea using a statement like great experience in relation to losing your clients data and around $171 million of your companies money.

To be fair he was simply trying to say they learned a lot from the experience and that Sony has bounced back stronger than ever. Virtually all their users have returned and sales of PS3 units has increased since before the downtime.

Why their brand is doing better now than it did before the downtime is a mystery but it is and that’s partly the reason Tim can call this a great experience.

Honestly I’m still surprised someone in Japan or America hasn’t got Sony in front of a judge yet for the data loss and I’d be amazed if someone still isn’t trying so maybe Tim’s going to change his mind about this great experience after all.

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Last Updated: July 14, 2011

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