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Sony fails advertising 101 – Yes again

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Sony’s ads have always intrigued me because despite the one or two good ads they manage to endorse they normally approve hundreds of the most bizarre, outlandish or just plain stupid adverts.

Step forward exhibit Z3254, As you can see on the right we have a healthy young gamer which pretty much represents the PlayStations core target market.

On the left we have a member of the oppressive Nazi regime which terrorised much of Europe in both World Wars… and what’s happening here is that Sony’s target market is donating life giving blood to ensure the greatest threat to world peace stays alive.

Bad Sony… bad bad bad. You see Nazi’s are great in games because they are pure evil, no one will step forward and defend them and as such they make for the perfect videogame enemy. But that is a far cry from us wanting to revive them, you see that would be a bad thing.

Maybe we should lump together and buy a history book that Sony can then distribute to all their advertising companies.

In Sony’s weak defence that Nazi isn’t just any Nazi it’s Erwin Rommel who is one of the less evil Nazi’s who treated his prisoners humanely and didn’t kill Jewish citizens… but seriously Sony that doesn’t make it okay.

If Nazi’s aren’t your thing then maybe this one is more your style


On the left we have Joan of Arc and on the right we have you, without a heart because obviously you have decided to donate it to her instead.

While Joan of Arc is generally accepted as not being pure evil you would have to once again question the thought (or lack thereof) behind this advertising.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: September 30, 2009

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