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Sony fails to convince with Home

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image All in all Sony has disappointed us at this year’s GDC. Last year we got to see Killzone 2, Little Big Planet and Home.

This year we got to see Home and very little has changed since a year ago. Granted this is a developers conference and Sony are more than likely holding their hand until a more appropriate time but it does feel like we have been left at the alter really.

However something interesting did come out of the last Home presentation. After rambling on for an hour about how great it would be to create object for home like trophies and bubble machines, James Cox a senior producer for Sony was asked

Why should I develop for Home? (By a senior EA developer)

Instead of wowing everyone with the possibilities and reasons for doing it James just stood there with a mouth full of teeth. The EA guy then tried to clarify his question (what needed to be clarified?) and asked. What the draw was for third parties with no clear revenue models assigned…

Again the Sony presenter couldn’t answer the question and honestly told the guy to phone Sony head office if he wants more information.

So was this guy just a stooge or is Sony honestly expecting all these developers to create magical things for Home just because it exists?

MTV Multiplayer » Sony Reveals ‘Home’ Trophies and Electronic Arts Wonders Why They Should Care (GDC 2008)

Last Updated: February 25, 2008

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