Sony fired it’s security team 2 weeks before being hacked

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Sony fired it’s security team 2 weeks before being hacked 2

If Sony thought it was over the heartache and problems related to it’s recent hack then it was sadly mistaken.

A lawsuit has been filed in America claiming that Sony was at least partially at fault for the recent PSN downtime and loss of personal data and the lawsuit is making some pretty severe accusations.

Apparently Sony laid of a “substantial percentage” of it’s Sony Online Entertainment workforce 2 weeks before the attack and that that substantial percentage included a number of the people responsible for base security and responding to security breaches.

Not only that but it is also being claimed that Sony had the appropriate security and firewalls installed on their systems but that this security was only protecting their corporate data and that the personal data they held wasn’t being protected in the same manner.

Now the question I have is whether or not Sony has checked if it was possibly their old employee’s who decided to exact revenge or not as this all sounds a little fishy to me.

Not to mention that if Sony had better security on their data than the personal data they were carrying they are going to be in a bucket of trouble.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: June 20, 2011

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