Sony gets cocky ahead of PS4 reveal

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We, like pretty much everyone else in the industry, are about 97 and a half per cent convinced that Sony will begin showcasing its brand new, next generation console hardware next week. The company’s hosting a “Future of PlayStation” event next week, where it’s presumed it’ll officially be kicking off the next-gen war. Unofficially, the company’s already put on its gloves and taken a few deft jabs at the competition.

If you’ve been to any Google Ads enabled sites, you may have already seen Sony’s new marketing company at work, taking potshots at the 360 and the Wii.

The ever loveable chaps from NeoGaf have put a few of them together, supported as always by hilarious animated gifs – and the whole thread is a worth a look. Here though, are some of the ads you might see leading up to the reveal.



If you don;t ride the slow short bus to school, you’ll immediately recognise the first one as a jab against Microsoft’s “Jump In” campaign, while the latter one takes aim at the Kinect and Microsoft’s focus on casual experiences.

It’s mild stuff so far – but it’s cocky, and a taste of the immature, self-assured and arrogant stuff we expect  from everyone at the beginning of each console generation.

The madness is coming. I can’t wait.

Last Updated: February 15, 2013

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