Sony getting irritated by all the Kinect advertising

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On one hand it’s nice to see that these corporate executives are normal people like me and you but on the other hand complaining about your competitor is generally viewed as poor form.

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Andrew House, has been interviewed by MCV and while the entire interview is pretty standard fair you can see a little bit of corporate envy emanating from Andrew.

When asked about Kinect he responded with

"We know a marketing push is important around a launch window, but what will really drive adoption of new technology is going to be great content,"

Which is fair enough but then he goes on to say

"You can only sustain a certain amount of momentum just based on trying to ram product at people based on a strong marketing push. It really will be content that defines it."

Ouch… and to be fair Sony’s Move launch lineup was about an anaemic as Kinect’s so neither company has much room to talk.

Though you can bet that Andrew wouldn’t be complaining if he was given a half a billion dollar marketing budget for the Move.

Source: IndustryGamers

Last Updated: December 14, 2010

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