Sony going to charge for MAG?

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You know I really feel for Sony on this one, they showed us MAG at E3 this year and it looked absolutely awesome and I said then that if they could pull it off it would be one of the best games ever.

However it seems that Sony is about to drive a nail straight through MAG’s heart by setting up a subscription plan for it… in other words making you pay for it.

They have been sending out surveys for people to fill in which has 15 questions relating to different payment methods for MAG.

So why do I feel bad for them? Well they made the decision not to charge for online multiplayer and are now having to subsidise the infrastructure costs that a game like MAG is going to take. The bean counters are obviously not jumping at the opportunity to blow millions of dollars on an idea and would like some reassurances that they will be making a profit on this one.

Now if they had a central infrastructure that was being paid for (ala Live) they could just add a couple of servers to the mix and away you go. If the game flopped you can then transform those servers into normal Live servers and they will pay for themselves soon enough.

Let’s hope that Sony decides to take the risk and allow free play for MAG as the game really deserves to be given a decent chance at changing the world.

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Last Updated: September 29, 2008

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