Sony has lost around 8% of it’s stock price thanks to the PSN crash

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Since the PSN is yet to come back up and we still don’t really know exactly how much info Sony lost of ours lets take a look at what Sony (and every other corporate on the planet) really cares about and how it affected them.

All companies are there to make money, if you believe otherwise then you are either idealistic, young or in need of some special attention. Before the PSN disaster (which I seriously saw someone call PSNGate.. they should be shot for that) Sony’s market value was an impressive $28.19 Billion.

However since the leak the stock price has dropped from $30.14 down to $28.06 which when calculated back works out to a market value drop of $2.08 Billion which is just under 8% of it’s total value.

It’s not a complete disaster and Sony will make it back but would you want to be the developer at Sony responsible for a loss of over $2 Billion and a worldwide PR embarrassment.

I know I wouldn’t.

Source: SaveAndQuitGaming

Last Updated: May 9, 2011

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