Sony has sold 29 million PS3's? According to them they have.

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In reality the only people on the planet who really know how many console have been shipped and sold would be the guys and girls who actually make them. However it is in the best interest of these same guys and girls to pad their figures to make their departments and companies look good.

So forgive me if I take this latest announcement from Sony with a whole spoon of skepticism… According to their latest financial results Sony has sold 29.18 million PS3’s… or a whopping 7 million more than most educated guesses.

Whether they are right and we have all been duped or they are padding their figures is up for debate, either way they have sold a lot and their results look pretty dire… but then again I failed accounting for very valid reasons.

But if the figures are correct then Sony could well be overtaking the Xbox 360 sometime next week…

Source: via Examiner

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

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