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Sony hot new Move controller?

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Man, I really wish that motion-controlled gaming would go away now, making way for the next big thing (which is probably VR…again). It doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon though. Nintendo’s Wii U still uses motion, Microsoft’s undoubtedly working on Kinect 2.0 and it looks like Sony’s keeping the Move alive, if these new patents are anything to go by.

A patent from last week shows that Sony’s at least thinking of an updated Move controller, that has thermal properties. Wait, before you laugh it off, it actually sounds like it could be pretty cool. or hot. whatever.

The controller features a central band that’s able to heat or cool – and could be used for some interesting ways of making games more immersive. One neat way to use it, for example, would be to make the controller get hotter as your in-game gun overheats – with the orb on the wand changing from a cooler colour, such a blue, to a warmer one, like red.

It could also, as another example, get warmer based on the attacks being used against you; get blasted by some Wizard’s fireball and the controller hots up. Hmm..sweaty palms. Thinking a little more laterally, it could also completely revolutionise the interactive adult entertainment industry.

Now while this is some interesting thinking on Sony’s party, I can’t help but feel that resources would be put to better use making cool games that would get people to buy the current PlayStation Move instead of dabbling with a new one.

Of the 3 current motion controllers, I really think Move is the biggest failure; technically its the most accurate and sensitive, but also the most severely underutilised. The number of really worthwhile Move games could be counted upon a single hand…belonging to a Ninja Turtle.

Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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