Sony is also experiencing Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare download problems

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Pre-loading is a simple enough idea. Pre-order a game, download it early and have it ready to play on launch day, thus removing one of the digital download stings out of the equation. In theory, it should work fine, and indeed it does. But for some reason, it’s been a mission to get Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare properly pre-downloaded on Xbox One. And that’s not the only platform having some advanced issues, as the PlayStation 4 is experiencing some console parity problems as well.

According to Sony, there’s only one real solution to getting the game to run properly if you’re one of scores of users experiencing these problems. Start from scratch:

If you pre-loaded CoD: AW and you’re experiencing issues with the game, you must delete all pre-load files from your system and re-download all Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare content.”Please ensure you download all available updates for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and your system is running the latest system software.

For those customers who can’t seem to find their PS4 digital cross-buy version of the game either, they’ve been advised to “Restore Licenses on PS4”,  and then “go to the PSN Store and find the Free Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game”. That’s a bit of a sting then for those gamers who opted for the Zero Day Edition which began yesterday.

And it’s a right shame as well, because Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is by all accounts far better than last year’s tepid entry, Call Of Duty: Ghosts. It’s actually fun, according to Matty and his sentient, gloriously maintained afro.

Last Updated: November 4, 2014

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