Sony is rolling in revenue from PS4 sales

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I imagine this is what the Spny offices look like

Sony is currently enjoying a 64.6 percent increase in revenue to the tune of 441.8 billion yen or $4.35 billion dollars (USD) for the quarter ending December 31st last year, due to the launch of the PS4 in major markets.

Sony notes that exchange rates in their favour helped out with the large increase in revenue, which was offset by a “significant decrease” in PS3 sales at the end of its lifetime.

They also reported an operating income of $172 million dollars (USD) for the quarter, which is an increase of  $132 million dollars (USD) on last years quarter. The results are offset, however by the cost to produce the PS4. The operating income for the quarter also had a $59 million dollar (USD) write-off of, and I quote “certain PC titles sold by Sony Online Entertainment.” So it’s not entirely clear what PC titles they are referring to.

In the quarter ending September 31st, Sony had reported an $8 million dollar (USD) loss on account of the price reduction of the Vita and at the time unfavourable exchange rates, as well as a decrease in PS2 and PSP sales offset by a slight increase in PS3 sales.

It’s good to see Sony firmly in the black with the release of the PS4. With the release of a new console, it’s not hard for everything to go wrong. President and group CEO Andrew House said last September that SCE expects to ship 5 million PS4 units by the end of the current fiscal year. 

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Last Updated: February 6, 2014


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