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Sony leaks Battlefield Premium

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There’ve been numerous rumours that EA would try to do something to further monetise Battlefield in the way that Activision has with Call of Duty and its Elite service.

Those rumours have now been confirmed via an unlikely source; Sony.

Sony inadvertently let the premium cat out of its velvet bag by detailing the service through it’s last European PSN store update – revealing price and launch date before yanking the listing. Ea’s now confirmed the premium service, promising further details on June 4 – but we may already have all the information we need.

According to the update Battlefield Premium will launch alongside the new Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC expansion. It’s not exactly like Elite – and seems to be more akin to a Season Pass, giving you past and future DLC at a discount, early access to DLC and “a host of unique in-game items not available anywhere else.”

According to Joystiq, Battlefield Premium does have a shadier, darker side though. In addition to DLC, premium subscribers will also enjoy a few benefits that will separate them from the have-nots. Premium will give players “access to powerful new features,” like  “The ability to reset stats” and “queue priority into servers,” meaning those who aren’t willing to shell out extra could end up sitting in matchmaking queues instead of shooting people in the face.

Battlefield Premium will cost £39.99/EUR49.99/AU$79.99, while the Close Quarters DLC will remove  £11.99/EUR14.99/AU$23.95 form your digital wallet. We’ve contacted EA about local availability and pricing – and will update accordingly.

Here’s the factsheet, pilfered from Joystiq.


Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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