Sony MUST fix their firmware size issues

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Sony are going to have to take a look at how they are upgrading the firmware on the PS3 as it is just a complete and utter waste of money at the moment.

The latest firmware version (2.53) has been released and included in it is the ability to play flash movies full screen and… that’s it… Nothing more.

Now while I am not disputing the fact that that is cool what does get me is that it’s going to take over 130Mb to download this minor update.

Add that to the amount of times that Sony update the PS3 and you are quickly closing in on the cost of Xbox Live… Okay that’s a big fat lie but let’s gloss over the minor details here and go straight for the jugular.

I see no reason why Sony cannot simply patch the piece of software that is buggy or that is getting a new feature instead of the entire firmware.

Oh if you want to download the patch on company time click here

Last Updated: December 3, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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