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Sony not phased by slow 3D uptake

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It’s no secret that Sony has been pushing 3D take up, especially in it’s manufacturing division as it’s got a lot to gain if 3D becomes the new HDTV.

It’s also no secret that 3D isn’t doing as well as they had hoped but that doesn’t seem to have affected them in anyway with their Senior Development Manager from SCEE confirming to GI.biz that they aren’t concerned about the slower than expected adoption rate of 3D.

Simon Benson had this to say

It’s certainly not a concern for us on the game side, the major reason being it’s not like when we’re adding 3D features to a game, it’s not a significant overhead for us

It’s not like we have to justify being able to sell millions more games because of it, it’s just another feature of the game,

But how much does it really cost to include a 3D mode in a top title? Well Simon answered that question as well by saying

What we’re talking about here is, in some cases we’ve had titles where 3D has been half a per cent of overhead. It can literally be the render programmer spending a couple of weeks manipulating it. Particularly if a game already has split screen in it, just take that mode of the game and reauthor it to deliver really high quality 3D. So often it’s the case of it doesn’t even hit the radar of whether we should or shouldn’t, it can just be done.

It’s a valid point and something that if it is this easy to add should really be included in all major titles coming forward. However at the same time if 3D TV’s continue their slow adoption rate then at some point even that tiny overhead will be looked at and decisions will have to be made as to whether or not it should continue to be supported.

But while Sony continues to push 3D heavily I can’t see any major PS3 titles being allowed to not include a 3D compatibility mode of some sort.

Source: GI.biz

Last Updated: August 5, 2011

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