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Sony overcharging on Vita memory cards

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Well that’s a headline that we all saw coming isn’t it.

Instead of using an industry standard memory card for the upcoming PlayStation Vita Sony decided to implement their own proprietary version and obviously that comes with extra costs.

This isn’t a new tactic by Sony and it’s obviously working as they keep doing it but unfortunately it means us as the consumers get punished.

The Japanese pricing has now been announced and as expected they are overpriced and under spec’d

The prices are as follows and don’t forget we need to use these for the electronic library that is promised alongside the Vita

  • 4Gb – $29
  • 8Gb – $42
  • 16Gb – $72
  • 32Gb – $124

Now those prices aren’t completely insane but if they had just implemented the industry standard SD cards then all of this could have been ignored.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: September 19, 2011

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