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Sony Pictures has almost finalised a deal for an Assassins Creed movie

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Now that we think about, the idea that no one has made an Assassins Creed film yet is insane. There’s already yet another Resident Evil movie in the works, and while we appreciate the hard work that film studios put into these adaptations, the end result is usually…well, crap.

But this could all change when Sony finishes a deal with Assassins Creed developer and publisher Ubisoft, as the controlling company is dead set on their now iconic property not becoming a the typical piece of Hollywood fluff that is churned out by the silver screen industry.

According to a report from Variety, Sony has been in a bidding war with Universal Pictures to the unique gaming franchise, with them finally winning the rights to make a film based on the property.

The victory does come with several stipulations however, as Ubisoft has maintained that it wishes to have more creative control over its signature property when production begins. Ubisoft has already felt the brunt of a poorly-performing film based on one of their games, namely Prince of Persia, which was almost a financial disaster after it released, despite it being a high budget film with a massive marketing campaign.

Thus, the French game development company created Ubisoft Motion Pictures, situated at its Paris headquarters, with the sole intent to find film partners for their respective titles, while steering them into creative territories that will hopefully do justice to their franchises.

Ubisoft is hoping that these future adaptations will turn their games into larger brands, drawing in more consumers, such as its new focus on expanding their Raving Rabbids games into a new animated TV series, which is scheduled to air on the Nicklelodeon channel soon.

If Ubisoft can really keep an upcoming Assassins Creed film true to its source material while still delivering an action-packed film, then it will be one of the few video game films to do so. Sure, Silent Hill and Postal were great examples of a video game film done right, but then again, there’s a reason why DVD’s of Street Fighter: The legend of Chun Li come with eye-gouging instruments.

Still, if you’re amped at the idea of an Assassins Creed film, then maybe this trailer will make your day.


Last Updated: October 21, 2011

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