Sony planning on releasing original shows on PSN

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If you’re already a client of Netflix or Hulu, then you will know that their big push for the future is to create original shows that can only be found on their networks. Well it looks like Sony are planning on getting into that battle as well, with the leaked announcement that they are planning on bringing original shows to the PSN.

On the PlayStation advertising site the following information was found


I’m overly addicted to Hulu and Netflix but I have to say if Sony can get this right and offer me a universal account where I can get my Netflix, Hulu, PSN+ games and new original content all in one subscription and on one device, it could be a decision maker.

Mind you, I mainly get my entertainment from my iPad at the moment so I’d need them to offer it through mobile platforms (no, not the Vita) as well. It will all depend on how brave Sony is when moving into this arena.

Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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