Sony planning to refresh PSN+?

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Sony could be set to reveal an update to its existing PlayStation Plus subscriber service at E3 this year, according to Eurogamer, citing “multiple sources.”

Sources indicate that much of Sony’s June 4th conference will be dedicated to walking through the features of the new refreshed service, which will integrate with the PlayStation Vita, and offer subscribers “top tier games” for free.

Eurogamer’s report says that Vita owners who subscribe could be entitled to Vita exclusive games, free DLC and a cloud service that would allow users to backup and manage data without having to interface with a PS3 or PC.

Sounds pretty plausible to me. As part of Kazuo Hirai’s unified Sony strategy, he said "the company also aims to increase sales by enriching its catalogue of downloadable game titles and subscription services available through the PSN platform."

Though I’ve always seen the value in it, I’ve never been drawn enough to subscribe to PlayStation Plus – though a few Vita games thrown my way might convince me otherwise.

Last Updated: May 30, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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