Sony : Profit more important than the console war

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Sony’s Playstation 3 has gained incredible momentum in the last year or two, mostly thanks to the lower cost PS3 slim. Last year, it nearly caught up to its closest rival in the imaginary console wars, the Xbox 360. A $500 million advertising budget for Kinect helped Microsoft’s console maintain its 4 million or so (depending on who you ask) lead – leaving the PS3 dead last.

The bronze medal doesn’t matter to Sony though, they’re more focused on doing what every business should be – making money.

“So do we pass Xbox 360? At the moment, I think we’re trying to just keep up with inventory and trying to move as many units as we can through the channel. It’s also one of those things where, do we notice what Microsoft is doing? Obviously, they are our competition. But is it like we surpass Microsoft or we fail? No,” explained PlayStation software senior brand manager Scott McCarthy to IndustryGamers.

“Our goal is to be profitable and we’re going to achieve that this year and do even better next year,” he added.

“That’s been Nintendo’s position for years. We have a very aggressive plan this year. And when we’re profitable we’re happy. If we happen to close the gap with Microsoft in the meantime, then that’s good too.”

With rumours swirling of a new, cheaper PS3 and the console’s incredible exclusive library this year, Sony may just gain enough momentum to wrestle their way in to being first losers, because nobody’s outselling Nintendo this generation.

Source : IndustryGamers

Last Updated: February 22, 2011

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