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Sony Releasing PS3-Specific Surround Sound System

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Is your surround sound not surroundy-enough? Does your PS3 lack the appropriate boom in its bass? More importantly, do you want even more Sony products in your TV room? Sony seem to think so, for all of the above.

Sony have announced that they are releasing a surround sound system specifically designed and created to work with the Playstation 3. Looking at the image, one wonders how a bar could be surround sound, but apparently it uses dark magic powers to bounce the sound off of the walls.

How will this system be any different to the ones already out there? Well, we aren’t really sure… and Sony haven’t spilled the beans yet.

Details will be released shortly but for now, all we know is that the system will be releasing in Japan on September 30 and will cost in the region of $199.

All I can like to be hoping for are that it am having many baas and minimum terrible.

Source: JustPushStart.com

Last Updated: July 6, 2010

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