Sony targets third place for 2010

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Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment President, has been chatting about the results from last years fiscal year (2008) which he described as challenging.

He goes on to state that the economic collapse could not have come at a worse time and that it made selling a top end electronic device just that much more difficult.

But what really got my attention is his forecast for the year coming up, according to Mr Tretton there were 10 million PS3’s sold in the last business year and that they are now targeting a figure of 13 million sold in the coming year.

A 30% increase is obviously always a good thing (and hints towards a price drop) but the reality of this target is that Sony are hoping (which is what a target is) that they will still be third in this race next year.

The Wii is currently 28 million ahead of the PS3 and is on average outselling the PS3 by 2.5:1, which means that even if the Wii’s sales don’t increase it will still extend it’s lead over the PS3 in a years time.

But the Wii isn’t the competition in Sony’s eyes, the other monolith from Redmond. The Xbox 360 currently has a 9 million unit lead over the PS3 which means that it only needs to sell 4 million units in the next year to stay ahead of the PS3 in the charts.

Given that the Xbox 360 is still outselling the PS3 week on week we can expect it to sell just a tad more than 4 million in the coming year.

So in a nutshell Sony is hoping it can just stay in touch with it’s competitors next year, it seems all hopes of beating them have been thrown out the window now.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: July 10, 2009

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