Sony to boost profits by focusing on PlayStation instead of TV

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Sony is really committed to the PlayStation brand, something we’ve known for a long time. However, they also have tried to make money from their phones and TVs. While their phones are hands-down the best Android devices on the market, they just aren’t raking in the cash. Of course the company wants to make more money, and their new plan will focus on gamers.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has stated that the company would no longer pursue sales growth in areas like smartphones and TV, possibly even considering “an exit strategy”. Hirai plans to continue to give the various Sony units more autonomy to make their own business decisions, although they are aiming to boost profit 25-fold by growing the camera sensors and PlayStation businesses.

While no one is really predicting a return to the days when Sony’s Walkman and TVs redefined how people consume entertainment, Sony could do a lot more to make use of its devices and content. Hirai has said that Sony will push to expand its PlayStation network user base while focusing on areas like streaming music.

I’m glad that PlayStation is now one of the core pillars for the company – it’s great to be acknowledged as an important part of the company. This should ensure that Sony keeps with its policies of making gamers happy and not pushing services that they don’t want. Compared to Microsoft, where Xbox is more of an expense than a money-maker, it’s obviously going to affect the kinds of policies that we can see.

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While I’m happy that Playstation is important to Sony, I really hope that they keep going with their mobile offerings. Their phones are an absolute joy to use and I’d be really sad if the smartphone market became less competitive and innovative; Sony is brand pushing the market in that regard, and they need to keep doing so.

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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