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Sony to shift PSP target market

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Sony aims to switch the focus of the current target market for the PSP towards “a younger audience” according to Peter Dille, Senior VP of Marketing for Sony America. He went further to explain that that is “part and parcel with the strategy as you go longer into the lifecycle”.

Obviously, this means that we could start seeing fewer mature titles like God of War, and more diabetes inducing titles like Hannah Montana and anything  published by Ubisoft with a title that inexplicably replace all of the “s” letters with “z”.

Dille explained further: “On the PSP, we’re pitching something that appeals to a younger audience, and we’re also putting out something that appeals to core gamers with titles like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.” Despite this, there are decidedly fewer core-gamer titles available these days. He then added some competitor smack talk and said that the abundance of Sony gaming hardware meant the company was not “reliant on one product genre like one of our competitors”.

Of course, the subtext to all of this might indicate a build-up towards an announcement of the much rumoured PSP2. Should new hardware launch, most core gamers will jump ship to the newer piece of technology. This then leaves the older PSP available to be milked a little further with casual, kid-oriented games. Naturally, a flood of casual titles on the PSP then forces the remaining core gamers to move onto the newer system. How devious!

Source: The [a]list Daily

Last Updated: September 21, 2010

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