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Sony urges us to Play Beyond the Box

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BEYOND has long been the fan boy call from the Sony PlayStation fanbase thanks to a very popular podcast by IGN. It’s also part of the title of their upcoming exclusive Beyond: Two Souls and now it’s part of their ambush marketing plan against Microsoft.

In certain countries right now if you search for Xbox or Xbox related goodies on Google you will end up seeing this banner advert


I have to say I absolutely love the cross over into a new generation, there is so much news to cover. So much back stabbing and quirky marketing ploys and oh so many rumours to sink our teeth into.

The best part of all however is how we can open up some blue sky thinking.

What title does the hard core gaming community want so badly that they will go out and purchase a brand new console just to play that one single game? What title would Microsoft or Sony need to throw the bank at to guarantee them a head start in this generation with the core gamer?

Sony has already announced that GT6 is coming to the PlayStation 3. Call of Duty is coming to all the consoles, GTA V is coming to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 so what other massive title could someone steal as a console exclusive that would make fanboys lose their minds?


I totally didn’t make that abomination of an attempt at box art I swear… okay maybe  did.

But can you imagine the reaction if Microsoft threw their considerable cash flow at Valve to get Steam and Half Life 3 on their console?

Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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