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Sony wins Street Fighter 4 battle against Microsoft

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Sony wins! Fatality

In what was easily the most entertaining console battle ever, Team Sony laid the smackdown on Team Microsoft in the CES Street Fighter 4 tournament.

Joe C represented Sony with Sagat while Josh from Microsoft chose E. Honda. An epic battle ensued in which Sony prevailed with a well-timed Tiger Uppercut sealing the round and the match.

Ironically, the prize was Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle so a Microsoft employee taking that home would have just been plain awkward.

However, Capcom were also involved in this titanic clash and their pointman, Justin Wong, defeated both of the other combatants. Capcom winning their own event also seems rather logical. To sum up, everyone who was expected to win did.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: January 15, 2009

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